At Mapleworks Coaching, we understand the difference between training and coaching.

The Mapleworks program includes advanced and highly detailed fitness training, but offers much, much more.  Goals and objectives remain in razor focus, while coaches help the athlete develop the technical skills, tactical plan, and psychological tools to optimize success.  By utilizing coaches and consultants who have participated at the highest levels of sport, clients are able to gain an edge through crucial insights.



Endurance Coaching

Our flagship service is our comprehensive coaching program. We go beyond cookie-cutter plans and provide complete and holistic support to out athletes in a fully customizable experience.

Training Plans

For those athletes that are interested in getting expert guidance without the need for full communication and support, we offer custom training plans for athletes that want to be self-directed.


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Mapleworks Coaching can provide you a variety of services to support your activities… from goal-setting, nutritional analysis, race strategy and tactics for key events, and more.