Endurance Coaching

Our coaching relationships generate comprehensive programs with athletes to help them achieve their specific objectives.  Instead of sending "canned" training protocols, we work to develop individualized holistic road maps to success.  The plans remain dynamic, adapting to the hurdles that people encounter on a day to day basis.

Training programs start with an initial athlete questionnaire and a phone call.   We can meet face to face, video chat, or go for a ride for an on the bike consultation as well.  We'll ask for your race schedule or simply what you want to accomplish.  Then the programs are custom designed with attention to the upcoming/current season and important races determined by the athlete. We work together on identifying specific goals and objectives.  We complete a fitness profile through lactate threshold and vo2 testing, and create a long term plan with specific benchmarks.

One of the most important aspects of our coaching service is the specific, event-related plans offered for each athlete.  These plans are based on our coach's experience competing on nearly every course in the region, providing valuable insight, and optimally tailoring those insights to each athletes specific strengths and weakness.


Comprehensive Coaching includes:

  • Initial phone or in-person consultation

  • Field-testing to establish training zones

  • Individualized weekly training plan based on prior week’s training log and athlete feedback

  • Specific heart rate or power-based workouts

  • Daily feedback and data review from coach

  • Limitless changes to training plan when needed

  • Assistance with goal setting and planning of race/event calendar

  • Sport-specific skills, tactics, and strategies

  • Comprehensive nutrition analysis and sports nutrition guidelines

  • Strength and cross-training workouts

  • Unlimited athlete-initiated contact (email, text) with phone meetings as needed

  • Premium TrainingPeaks account with interactive training calendar

  • $150 discount off of Retul Fitting Services at Haymarket Bicycles Studio